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Boyd Coddington Cars from Ron Pratte Collection

Boyd Coddington built a great variety of award winning cars.  This Southern California icon left us way too soon.  But fortunately his cars remain to showcase his vision and talent.

Ron Pratte Collection

Ron Pratte collected plenty of cars over the years and will be selling them at the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Arizona in January.  While specifics haven’t been finalized, it is thought that all his cars will be sold.  Here’s a link to our first article about Ron Pratte selling off his cars.

Pratte never has opened his car collection to the public but we got an exclusive peek a few years ago.

Boyd Coddington

Amongst his collection, Pratte owns the largest collection of Boyd Coddington built cars.  Coddington earned fame after winning an AMBR award but many first heard of him on a reality TV show, American Hot Rod – that set the theme for car building TV series.

In Pratte’s collection are a stylistic version of the classic 57 Chevy – Chezoom,  a homage to a 32 Delahaye called the Whatthehaye and the AlumaTub.

All three cars reflect Coddington’s iconic style, long sweeping lines and smooth bodysides.

Here’s a link to an article we contributed to eBay Motors on these Boyd Coddington cars.

Which is your favorite?

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Pratte Collection Selling Soon

As we previously posted here, Barrett-Jackson sources confirmed that they are selling Ron Pratte’s collection of classic cars and automobilia in January during their auction in Scottsdale, AZ.

Car Collection of Ron Pratte

Ron Pratte

Ron Pratte has amassed an impressive collection of classic cars over the past few years.  He has been a fixture at the car auctions, but rarely opened his collection to the public for viewing.  But we were able to get some exclusive photos of just some of his massive storage warehouse.

Barrett-Jackson officials haven’t yet confirmed the details of which cars will sell or how they plan to package these classics during the January, 2015 auction.

Automobilia Sign Collection from Ron Pratte

Here’s a link to the first of our 2 eBay articles on Ron Patte’s collection.


Pratte Car Collection Selling Soon

Ron Pratte has been a prolific classic car collector and is known for the size of his private collection and his generosity in buying “charity” cars, with the  proceeds going to specific charities.

Arizona Auction

Recently Barrett-Jackson confirmed the swirling rumors that Ron Pratte was selling his entire collection next January at their Scottsdale, AZ auction at Westworld.

Ron Pratte Collection

Ron Pratte stored his cars behind closed doors in Chandler, Arizona and only rarely allowed outsiders to see these cars.  These pictures are rare glimpses of some expensive and profound historical cars.

Here is a link to an eBay Motors article we recently wrote highlighting three vehicles from Ron Pratte’s collection that presumably are selling.  What do you think they’ll sell for?  Subscribe to this blog for a future update on another part of his collection.

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McLaren MP4 12C Black Beauty

McLaren MP4 12C


Had a chance to see two McLaren’s side by side at a recent “Cars and Coffee” in Scottsdale, AZ.  For my taste these cars are tons nicer than many exotics and technologically miles ahead of their competitors.

Here is a link to our article for eBay Motors.

MP4 12C

The nomenclature for the McLaren is an interesting story.

MP4 stand for McLaren Project  4, which is the chassis designation. The “12” is an index number that McLaren uses to designate the performance of all their cars.  The C represents carbon for all the carbon fiber used throughout the chassis and body areas.

After 2012, McLaren dropped the MP4 designation for this car series and just referred to the car as a 12C

McLaren Performance

The car accelerates from 0-60 MPH in around three seconds and tops out officially at 207 MPH.  It is powered by a V8 engine linked to twin turbos.  Seeing the rear mounted engine through the transparent car cover is a treat.


McLaren Airfoil

The carbon fiber rear air foil is used in severe braking helping to slow down this powerhouse, plus it just looks darn neat.


McLaren Dihedral Door

Sometimes referred to as a vertical door or a lambo door, these are butterfly doors or dihedral doors.  A neat piece of engineering and allows for easy access against curbs.  Plus it looks neat when you leave a door open at a car show

McLaren Photos

The gallery shows some additional photos that didn’t make it in to the eBay article.


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eBay Motors Guest blog Wyotech Ford Roadster at SEMA

Driver’s side view

We had the opportunity to submit a guest blog to eBay Motors blog in the TRUCK section.  We focused on a sweet roadster Ford truck done by the students from WyoTech and debuted at SEMA last year.

eBay Motors Blog

Here’s the link

Here’s three reasons we selected this truck to highlight-

1) The younger generation gets “it”

It’s nice to see the young adults learning the skills and applying them to keep this incredible hobby we call “hot rodding” alive and kicking.

2) All hands on deck

The truck is incredibly well done.  This is more surprising when you learn lots of students had a hand in the project.  Typically the more hands in the mix, the messier it can get.

3) Sleek look

The treatment, style and paint looks authentic and a nice custom look

Take a look and comment on the eBay blog here