eBay Motors Guest blog Wyotech Ford Roadster at SEMA

Driver’s side view

We had the opportunity to submit a guest blog to eBay Motors blog in the TRUCK section.  We focused on a sweet roadster Ford truck done by the students from WyoTech and debuted at SEMA last year.

eBay Motors Blog

Here’s the link

Here’s three reasons we selected this truck to highlight-

1) The younger generation gets “it”

It’s nice to see the young adults learning the skills and applying them to keep this incredible hobby we call “hot rodding” alive and kicking.

2) All hands on deck

The truck is incredibly well done.  This is more surprising when you learn lots of students had a hand in the project.  Typically the more hands in the mix, the messier it can get.

3) Sleek look

The treatment, style and paint looks authentic and a nice custom look

Take a look and comment on the eBay blog here


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