Memorial Day -Thanks to our Veterans

Memorial Day

In honor of Memorial Day and to honor our veterans from all our Armed ForcesĀ  of all ages and through all combat theaters, we suspend our normal articles on classic cars and salute our veterans!


Thanks to all our veterans, Americans can enjoy the freedoms and rights that we have and cherish. Without their service and yes, especially their losses, America would not be the same today


Thanks to modern technology, things our different. But can you imagine the service men and women in WW I and WW II waiting weeks and months for the next tear-stained letter from their loved ones. And even one photograph would be symbolic and a rare keepsake.

US Marine Corp War Memorial

Here is a set of pictures from the US Marine Corp War Memorial in Arlington, Virginia and next to the Arlington National Cemetery.

It is a constant reminder that freedom is never free!

Thanks to all our veterans,

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