World War Two Memorial – Too Many Stars

World War Two MemorialWorld War Two Memorial

The Washington DC area has plenty of memorials and monuments but for me, the World War Two Memorial is most striking.  Daily you see elderly men and women coming to pay their respects for their friends and comrades.  It is quite touching to see these people coming to honor others.  They truly are part of the greatest generation.World War Two Memorial States

We take a detour from the general automotive theme of this blog to honor all those who fought in conflicts, to allow us to live in freedom.

Too many starsWorld War Two Memorial Stars

On the back wall of the memorial is a sea of gold stars.  Each star represents 100 Americans who died during World War Two.  There are four thousand and forty-eight stars for the 405,399 casualties from the war.

World War Two Memorial Explanation of Stars

Thank you all !

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