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Tom Fritz Car Art at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

While cars are the major attraction at a car show – (duh), organizers always seem to find other ways to spend your time and money.  One of the best side attractions at the Pebble Beach Concours  d’Elegance is the art work shown by the Automotive Fine Art Society (AFAS) artists.


These auto artists have two major shows a year, here at Pebble Beach and at Amelia Island in March.  They have been displaying their wares since 1986 at Pebble Beach.   This is their chance to show off their newest designs to discerning car nuts and art buyers in a juried show.  AFAS consists of 25 members devoted to interpreting cars through art.  At this show Tom Fritz won the inaugural “Art Fitzpatrick Award” from AFAS.

Tom Fritz’s Newest Pieces

This year Tom Fritz, a member of AFAS, was able to preview five new pieces.  His  “Like Dogs Was After ‘Em” shows a 32 Ford hi-boy alongside a 1940 Ford Deluxe coupe on a back road.  “Long, Lazy Wait” depicts a sprint car on a small dirt track.   “Ain’t Bashful No How” is a terrific front engine dragster painting.  The “Woodshed Session” is a scene from a race track, focused on two spirited competitors.    “Ending The Rumors”   shows a race car leaving a plume of dust and smoke behind the car.   While many may not be able to afford a Fritz original, I’m guessing we all could buy one of his reproductions.  In fact I’m guessing you probably already bought or used one!

USPS Muscle Cars

You see Tom was selected to do the artwork for the third series of classic “muscle” cars for the United States Postal Service.  So for the price of five stamps, you can own some Tom Fritz art!

As you check out his latest pieces, you’ll see he has a great eye for detail and has some tremendous designs.  More information on Tom Fritz and his artwork can be found here.  Tom will be showing in two months at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Illustrations courtesy of Tom Fritz