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SEMA Show 2015

Snake Bit F100

Tow Truck with Patina at Barrett-Jackson

 SEMA Show 2013 Coverage   Chevy Classics

SEMA Show 2013


SEMA-2012-Chevy-Classics-April-2013      Chevy Classics

2009 Auction Update      CarNewz






You probably heard that George Barris sold his Batmobile at the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.  But make sure you follow the full money story.

The seller also had to pay a 10% commission ($420,000).  Plus since the Batmobile is staying in the state, he pays a 8.95% sales tax ($413,490).

So George Barris also pays a commission to Craig Jackson.  Since the car was sold on a reserve basis it generally requires a payment of 10% as well ($420,000).  And sellers also pay a fee based on time and day the car is scheduled to be auctioned.

Add it all up and lots of money shifted around with just one car!


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    Gas Monkey


    A seller at the 2013 Barrett-Jackson bid a final price (after commissions) of $12,870 for this 1931 Ford Model A.  It was first seen on Discovery Channel’s Fast and Loud show featuring the Gas Monkey Garage.  On the television episode Richard sold it for $21,000.  So… somebody took a loss!

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