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Lambrecht Chevrolet’s 1955 Models Reviewed

The VanDerBrink Auction of the Lambrecht Collection of classic Chevrolet’s is a week old and reality is crashing through the buying fever.  The crowds have departed Pierce, Nebraska and we can now look more analytically at the cars and prices paid.

VanDerBrink Workmanship

The auctioneers at VanDerBrink did a great job in organizing these cars and gave fairly valid descriptions of the cars.  Some were mislabeled as Bel Air models but all auction houses note that descriptions are guides and not to be relied on.  With this many cars, some minor issues are bound to occur and VanDerBrink did a great job keeping the crowd orderly and advancing.  Plus the sellers, the Lambrecht’s, must be happy with the outcome and know their name will be now known in collector circles for years to come.

1955 Chevrolets sold at the Lambrecht Auction

Let’s look at the 1955 Chevrolet’s in detail this time.  The 1955 was the beginning of the “tri-five” series from 1955-1957. There were ten Chevrolet cars sold during the two days of the auctions for this model year.  The cars come in three variations, the bare bones 150, a slightly sexier 210 and the fully duded out Bel Air.  The VIN’s shown by VanDerBrink helped decipher which model was which and with what engine.  All these cars were high mileage survivors and presumably trade-ins to Lambrecht Chevrolet.  All ten cars are in rough condition and will need some extensive body and mechanical work, or kept in

a survivor mode.  Remember they can only be original once!

All prices will have a buyer’s premium of 5-10% added to the listed price, based on whether the bidder was on site or not.


For the 1955 model year, six sold cars were four doors and four were the more in demand 2 doors; both a hardtop and a sedan.  While perhaps more practical if you are planning on using the rear seat often, the reality is the 2 doors are always more in demand in the collector market and generally higher priced when restored.  The 2 door sedan (post) went for $5,750 and the hardtop went for $9,000.  There were no high dollar sales for this year with the range being from $12,000 to $1,800.  The ten cars sold for an average of under $5,200   Plus none of these cars were the low or no  mileage; sold on MSO (Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin) paperwork instead of state title; which indicates that Lambrecht Chevrolet didn’t have any trouble selling those models when new!

At least at these prices, the cars are going to loving homes and not being chopped up for their body parts.  Or are they…check out a future blog article.

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Photos Courtesy of VanDerBrink Auctions