Porsche 918 Supercar Hybrid

Porsche 918Porsche 918

During this morning’s Cars and Coffee show in Scottsdale, AZ a new Porsche 918 Spyder rolled in. The Spyder is Porsche’s second hybrid and trust me this is miles different from a Prius! This supercar is a mid engine plug in. The V8 engine produces 608 horses from the gasoline engine with the two electrical motors on the front and rear axles capable of generating another 278 horses, totaling 887 ponies at your command. This one is painted Sapphire Blue Metallic.Porsche 918 Driver's Side

Stats on Porsche

Ironically the range under all electric is a meager 12 miles! But hey it tops out at 210 mph. It gets rated at 67 mpg equivalent when in electric mode and 22 mpg when powered by the gasoline engine. The added electrical torque makes for some jaw breaking acceleration. Those pipes on the rear deck are not for show. They are the true exhaust points and the short distance from the mid-engine allows for much lower exhaust back pressure.

Porsche 918 Engine Deck

Porsche is planning on producing only 918 units (get it 918 units for the 918 model?) all listed as the 2014 model year. Too late to orders yours, they sold out with a base price of $845,000. But hey you do get a federal energy tax credit for it.

Porsche Driving Modes

The 918 Spyder offers five different running modes: all electric or E-Drive, Three combination or hybrid and gasoline engine are also allowed Hybrid, Sport and Race. Hot Lap gives out the full power available from the Porsche.Porsche 918 Emblem

What do you think of this hybrid, supercar?

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