Arizona Concours D’Elegance Awards

Arizona Concours D’Elegance Awards

Arizona Concours D’Elegance kicked off a busy week of car auctions today, Sunday January 11, 2015. This is the second year for the concours judging show and was held at the famed Arizona Biltmore. Fifty four awards were issued to the various entrant in a variety of classes.

Dawn Patrol

To best appreciate the cars it is best to show up before dawn and watch and hear the cars parade into the lawns surrounding the Biltmore’s rooms. One eventual winner even fired up his race car, with an auxiliary starter powered by three car batteries, to let the crowds enjoy those unique sounds. Hope the hotel’s guest enjoyed them too!

Four Favorites

With fifty-four awards being issued it is hard to single out just one, so here are four winners we especially enjoyed. Hope you do too.

Arizona Concours D’Elegance Preservation Class – 1952 OldsmobileArizona Concours D'Elegance Award Winner 52 Olds

This 98 Holiday hardtop won a class award. And with only 29,105 original miles and 100% original everything why wouldn’t it? This beauty was a three owner survivor and due an award.

Arizona Concours D’Elegance – 37 Rolls RoyceArizona Concours D'Elegance Award Winner 37 Rolls Royce

At first glance one might think this was gaudy, until you stop and appreciate all the workmanship on this lovely lady. The Rolls Royce was originally a 37 and in 1947 rebodied by the then owner John Gaul. Afterwards it has been affectionately known as Gaul’s Copper Kettle and for good reason!. That is copper over steel body work and includes rattan lacework and copper burnishing. Absolutely breathtaking and countless hours were utilized to make this one off classic.Arizona Concours D'Elegance Award Winner 37 RollsArizona Concours D'Elegance Award Winners Copper

Arizona Concours D’Elegance -1949 VolkswagenArizona Concours D'Elegance Award Winners VW Front

At first glance one might assume this was just another Volkswagen until you like at the rear end. That’s when you know something is up! This was a Hebmuller Cabriolet produced under license from Volkswagen. The exact number made and still in existence is hazy but this car is amazing. It won first in class for the avant garde category.Arizona Concours D'Elegance Award Winners Tail End VW

Arizona Concours D’Elegance – 1953 CorvetteArizona Concours D'Elegance Award Winner 53 Corvette

Many know that only three hundred Corvettes were made in their first year; all the same exterior body and interior colors. This was #298 out of 300 and made on Christmas Eve, 1953. The current owner has owned it for four decades and it is a consistent award winner. Here it won a class award for Post War American Powered Sports Car.

Arizona Concours D’Elegance Tour

After the rigors of the judging on Sunday there is now an inaugural tour for the registered cars available on Monday January 12, 2015 so expect to see some serious classic rides on the roads around Phoenix. Plus in the parking lot, valet naturally, we saw this Zagato Lamborghini that we previously reported on. Perhaps for sale?Zagato Front

So what do you think? In a future article we’ll cover some entrants that surprisingly didn’t win an award. So stay tuned.

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