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Bruce Willis’ Nomad has some humor

At any car auction, sellers are quick to point out the car’s connection to a celebrity.  While some stars are known for their affection to cars for others the connection is loose or weak.  It seems every few years Jodie Foster’s VW Bug runs through the auction, but really?  Jodie Foster?


So at this week’s Barrett-Jackson Auction, you wouldn’t be surprised that some cars come out with a connection to stars.  Simon Cowell is selling his Bugatti, while Gene Simmons is selling a Ford Truck that was first premiered at the SEMA Show.

Bruce Willis

But this Nomad’s seller shows he has a sense of humor – or a great copywriter. This 55 Chevrolet Nomad was previously owned by actor Bruce Willis.   The seller mentions he has a written note from Bruce stating ”the car brought me many years of fun, and happy memories”

1955 Nomad

The car has a Skyline Blue and India Ivory interior, and for some reason the engine was replaced with a 1966 Corvette L79 engine with a three speed automatic.  The hero card mentions Bruce’s association to the car seven times.

But the humorous addition?  See what the car comes with in this pic!

55 Nomad Bruce Willis